Boris Johnson favourite for Leadership in a typically strong Tory field

With Satan and his avatar Iain Duncan Smith right out at 1000/1 and Cruella De Vil currently in situ and saying nothing awake or asleep Boris Johnson’s nearest and most likely threat is Mr Fixed it. His only slight impediment will be whether MI5 will sanction his ‘demands’. Given the likelihood that they will say no (at least to the public) the probability is that Boris will prove an ever so slightly smaller risk.

Hitler wants another go but would prefer Duncan Smith and Dracula is a bit put off by daytime duties. Thatcher will probably give it a miss unless Ronnie challenges his lovechild Donald in the US. He is reticent as Nancy does not want family strife.

Expect a Boris bluster sometime soon and Cruella to dig in. Whoever wins the devil is always in the detail.

Douglas James