Plead for help to stop vandalism on Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve

A dry-stone wall seat on Dorset Wildlife Trust’s (DWT’s) Lorton Meadows nature reserve in Weymouth has been vandalised, and the wildlife charity is appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to come forward. 

 The seat, which was vandalised twice in 2016, is located on the trail off Louviers Road at the top of Lorton Meadows in the town. It is placed there so visitors can enjoy the views across Lorton Valley Nature Park, the town, bay and across to Portland. It is also at the start of the 20km legacy trail created after the 2012 Olympics, to Portland Bill. 

Following the vandalism in June and August in 2016, DWT paid to repair damage from the stones in the seat being dislodged by force, such as kicking or smashing them with other rocks. Dorset Police were informed and launched an appeal for further information.

DWT’s Lorton Meadows Community Conservation Officer, Sam Dallimore said, “We are so disappointed and shocked that this lovely stone seat has been mindlessly damaged again. The time and money it takes to repair the seat time and time again compromises the valuable work Dorset Wildlife Trust do to protect wildlife.”

If you have any concerns or information, contact Dorset Police at via email or by calling 101. To contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 55111 or via