Well Said Dad…

‘Interesting to see the MSM and even the royal family getting fully behind the altruistic efforts to help and fund the victims of terrible events such as the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower. Sharing, compassion, empathy… it’s called socialism – the very ideology that the right wing establishment seeks to demonise 24/7 because it threatens its lust for ever greater profits and power.’

Francesca Martinez

Feels like one of those step-change moments. Grenfell fire has all the threads: huge amounts of inequality in one of the country’s richest boroughs, emergency services cut by austerity staffed with brave workers who haven’t had a pay rise in years running towards danger, work that used to be public sector being contracted out to a private sector and shareholders demanding a profit, a government that has repeatedly kicked into touch better regulation as “unnecessary red tape”, people shouting “don’t politicise this tragedy” as if whether people preventably burn to death in their houses isn’t a matter for the state. 

Martin Belam