Politicians are letting Portlanders down

And so it begins. With the recent announcement of more homes on Portland the usual comments emerge. Labour supporters blame the Tories. Tory supporters blame Labour. Other people say we need more housing others say we don’t. But let’s look at the facts shall we.

1. In the past both political parties have shafted the island and ALL political parties are only in it for what they can get.

2. The island CANNOT support more housing. More housing means more people. More people means bigger pressure on the current infrastructure. There will shortly be NO banks on the island. Post Offices are few and far between. The dental and Doctor’s surgeries on the island are swamped. The sewer system is failing and cannot cope with the numbers on the island currently.

3. The AVERAGE wage on the island wouldn’t even get you a mortgage and if it did you’d be lucky to buy a beach hut. The ONLY people who would be able to afford ANY new houses are either those who already own a house on the island or outsiders.

4. I agree that this country needs more housing. The reasons don’t matter (because let’s face it if we discuss the reason you’d only end up with the far lefts and rights sprouting their shit). I’ve been homeless twice through no fault of my own so I know only too well the need for new homes.

5. People can rant and rave all they want but these home WILL happen because money talks. All that is happening here is people going through the motions.

Steve Jackson