First of all, watch this video of two Furbies gabbling at each other.

Does this make any sense to you? Any real grip on reality? Even if you understood their ‘language’, it’d have no real bearing on reality. What has this to do with the politics of today? You guessed it—square in the politics of hopelessness.

The media, political elite, and we supposedly speak the same language, often using the same grammar and syntax, so it sounds intelligible. Remembering that the often large words like ‘antisemitism’ and ‘macroeconomics’ make them sound intelligent, it sounds like the political elite is actually saying something of use.

Speak to someone with bipolar disorder, and you may imagine them to be very intelligent too, until you scratch the surface. The syntax and grammar are there, but there is very little grounding in reality. This is why I am pointing to the Furby conversation—it might as well be gibberish, and yes, I am still talking about the politics of hopelessness here!

What are the things that really bother you today? Here are a few I have:

The climate
Poor and low availability of social housing
Those in work who are unable to earn a decent income
Those out of work on welfare due to sickness and disability, brutalised by the state
The staggering cost of food
An NHS that is dying of underfunding and high demand

These are the pressing issues of our time. Turn on the TV news (GB News or BBC News; either is good). Here is some of the stuff you will hear:

Whether it is antisemitic to oppose genocide
Micro measures of macroeconomics
Mobile phones in schools
Scruffy rebels firing rockets at ships flying the flag of countries supporting the genocide above
Some old scroungers are getting cancer
Praise of food bank volunteers

If it wasn’t deliberate, you might think that it was two furbies that had been taught to speak English! What has this to do with the reality of life?

It is deliberate

There is the old distraction technique of telling someone to ‘watch the birdie’ when you wish to do something outside of their immediate attention. We are told to watch people on rubber boats when our brothers, sisters, and lovers are living below the breadline. We are told that Palestine/the war in Ukraine is impacting the cost of living. We demand fair pay to pay for the increased cost of living, and new strike laws are instituted to stop us from shouting too loudly. Oh yes, God save the King!

Since Sir Keir took office as leader of the Labour Party, politics has ceased to be about the issues confronting us. Those who say, “What about fair pay?” are rapidly cornered and accused of being antisemitic. Politics is instead about the power of the few, and the many can carry on starving/working themselves to death/dying of previously curable diseases due to an overstretched NHS.

Taxation used to be honourable. We used to pay taxes for decent public services and be proud of it. The idea that those who earned more should pay more used to be acceptable, except they now own the media and claim ‘public opinion’ (i.e., their opinion) is against the wealthy paying tax. Of course, their other furby, our Parliament, responds in just the same way on both sides of the Dispatch Box. The wealthy media owners participate in the Furby-esque gabbling with Westminster, deliberately taking away from the conversations we need to have about the 11 million people living in poverty today.

Those intelligent enough to understand their words might be drawn in. Take a step back, though. Maybe it is time to be drawn away from the gabbling and have your own conversations. What matters to you?

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