The first thing that needs saying is that people actually voted for this man. A man who sounds like if he went to school, he sat at the back, throwing dirty tissues at those who wanted to learn. A man who brings nothing but shame on those who have an IQ in three figures.

Let Brett describe himself

‘I joined Hertsmere Borough Council in February 2020 when I was elected in a hotly-contested by-election in Borehamwood Kenilworth with a Conservative gain.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know my colleagues and residents, and I look forward to many more years.  I sit on the Planning Committee, and I am deeply passionate about protecting our green spaces, supporting businesses, and improving our community. I have lived in Borehamwood for a number of years with my wife, children, dog, and cat.  When I am not at work or working as a Councillor, I enjoy singing, playing guitar and following my unfortunate team, Newcastle United.’

Please listen to the following and contemplate how low the UK has come to have people like Brett Rosehill, Lee Anderson, Suella Braverman, and all the rest of the hate mob slitering around trying to keep their seats by spewing disharmony and defamation.

How many times do these mongrels make claims that they cannot back up with genuine evidence?

Until people start suing these people, the defamation and lies will escalate even further.

Penny Lane

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