Polls reflect bias media not credibility of Jeremy Corbyn

The latest polls suggest a slight lead for the Tories and yet critics suggest that with the government being in absolute chaos Labour should be 12-20 points ahead. Some might argue that it suits the Tory party to have a person that they can identify as a ‘folk devil’ as it enables them to struggle without the threat of being destroyed in an election. However, their reliance upon the billionaire establishment media is more than vital. Without their bias Mr Corbyn would almost certainly be prime minister and the public would not be literally dying at the hands of a cruel austerity/privatisation programme designed and benefitting a very small elite group.

Let’s be clear the impression of any person in the public limelight is almost entirely determined by the media and their portrayal…. Tony Blair and to a lesser extent Gordon Brown were endorsed by Murdoch and other media billionaires. They had a fighting chance to form a government. However, if the billionaires do not like you they conspire with their largely middle class underlings to keep you out. The public do not get a free choice but one determined in secret meetings and/or by privately educated people who have no desire to experience their relative positions being usurped.

And thus we have it in clear view here. Pummel the public consciousness and then make them believe they chose/decide.

Politics is no different to any other aspect of knowledge. You only know what you learn. You only learn what is provided for you. Enter with a critical eye that seeks enlightenment will lead to an outcome very different from those who ape lab rats.

As Noam Chomsky so succinctly puts it:

“The major media-particularly, the elite media that set the agenda that others generally follow-are corporations “selling” privileged audiences to other businesses. It would hardly come as a surprise if the picture of the world they present were to reflect the perspectives and interests of the sellers, the buyers, and the product. Concentration of ownership of the media is high and increasing. Furthermore, those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to the same privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values; it is not easy to say one thing and believe another, and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.”

Douglas James