Poole and Bournemouth Hospitals: The Great £147 million con

Although the Poole Planning Application has closed, the RBH planning application deadline has been extended to 30th August, and a moving advertising board has been put in the Hospital reception, stating ‘So hurry for the 147 million investment’.
This is a gross misrepresentation by public servants of changes that will lead to the loss of Poole A&E, Maternity and Children’s Units, and the break up of Poole Oncology.
There is also no evidence whatsoever that the £147 million (which will generate revenue costs of at least £5million per annum in perpetuity) is related to positive comments on these plans. Dorset Health Scrutiny Councillors were told by the CCG last year that if they referred the plans back to the Secretary of State, which they did, the money would be lost.
If you do not agree with this happening, and you have not objected on the RBH plans, here are some ‘material’ objections that you could make.
If you’re linking to the Bournemouth Planning Application online:
https://planning.bournemouth.gov.uk/plandisp.aspx?recno=98222 please first write down the Bournemouth case number 7-2019-5913-EQ and the address you’re commenting on is Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Once you click on the ‘make your comments’ button it will ask you for this information.
Objections can also be made by email, which may be easier and you will have a record in your sent box, see below.
• Traffic generation in an area already highly congested, especially at peak travelling times, which will result in reduction of amenity for the users of the nearby developments. The change from elective to emergency care will seriously affect the traffic as 90% of elective operations are day cases, whereas emergency admissions usually require at least one overnight stay and generate visitors, often for each day the person is in hospital.
• Insufficient capacity in the infrastructure including public drainage, water supply, and roads
• The applicant has run a media campaign saying that support for the application will lead to a large sum of money coming from central government to the applicant•
Overdevelopment of an already crowded site• Inadequate landscaping of the site
• Insufficient vehicle parking space for a facility intended to serve a population from a wide area which has demonstrably poor public transport services.
There’s no figure on how much parking currently exists relative to the current occupancy, nor is there anything shown on the total proposed & similarly there’s no mention of any Travel Plan.
Bournemouth application:
7-2019-5913-EQBCP Planning Services, Bournemouth Office, The Annexe, St Stephens Road, Bournemouth, BH2 6EA
Email: planning.bournemouth@bcpcouncil.gov.ukhttps://planning.bournemouth.gov.uk/plandisp.aspx?recno=98222
Debbie Monkhouse