Poor fishing but eventful night… stopped off for a kip between venues, got woken up at 4am by someone opening the car door, I jumped out to 3 blokes stood there and kicked off, very apologetic and somehow confused my Silver Touran with his White Range Rover parked next to us…. wondering what 3 Vietnamese men were doing bringing a boat in the harbour at 4am I went and had a look….

Yup, illegal gill-netting with a bucket of under size Bass there, I saw red and slung the bucket of fish back in the water, took the net off them as well but no doubt they’ll just buy another and be up to it again, I’ll report it today but don’t imagine they’ll actually act on it.Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Can I please ask you be mindful and refrain from the racist slurs and name calling, we wouldn’t want to jeopardise any possible prosecutions.

Excuse any colourful language!




Steve Cullen

Response from Eat Pho Restaurant:

Hi everyone,

I am Ben – the owner of Eat Pho Bournemouth.

First of all, I would like to apologize for my actions which have offended the fishing community on social media in regard to fishing underside bass.

I am not a fisherman, have no experience in fishing and honesty I was not aware of the ban while doing this. It’s Bank Holiday weekend so I just decided to take our boat out after work with some friends, thinking to relax after a stressful few weeks.

If you ever visit our website or our restaurant, you would know that we have never served sea-bass. Our pure intention when going fishing is just for entertainment only.

We respect what the Government has been doing to protect our environment, and would never do anything to go against that. It’s my mistake in catching the fish without knowledge of the rules, and take full responsibility for what I have done.

I deeply apologize for my actions and will never fish again with any methods.

Ben Tran

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