Puppy rescued by council worker

An abandoned puppy was left fighting for her life before being rescued by the district council’s Dog Warden Service.

The three-month old Lurcher pup was in a poor condition and seriously ill when she was collected by the council’s Enforcement Officer.

He took the puppy to Damory Vets in Blandford last week, who began emergency treatment for Parvo virus.

Mandy Walters, Head Nurse at the practice said: “She was terribly thin and in a very poor condition.

‘terribly thin and in poor condition’

“We all did our best for her, at first it was touch and go whether she pulled through. She was very lethargic, but clearly had a very sweet nature.”

The puppy, who was not microchipped and appeared to have been abandoned, was put on a drip and had to be hand fed liquid glucose.

Initial charges for her care were paid for by the district council and then Damory Vets took over the costs of her treatment.

Thankfully the puppy has now made a good recovery, she is bright, wagging her tail, eating well little and often and is putting on weight. She has been rehomed to a family of one of the nurses, who live on a farm. The lucky puppy will be their pet but have plenty of space to enjoy.

‘No dog should be abandoned’

Michael Roake, Environment Portfolio Holder at North Dorset District Council, said: “We are all very glad this story has a happy ending. I’d like to thank our dog warden service and Damory vets.

“No dog should be abandoned, people should always contact the dog warden for help and I would like to remind people that it is their responsibility to keep a stray dog safe and contained until it can be collected.”

More information about what to do if you find an abandoned dog is available here