Raw Politik Episode 1 with guest Dr Jill Stein

PODCAST WILL BE AVAILABLE TO WATCH 7pm GMT Monday 4th March here: https://youtu.be/BQC9HHLn79A

A dynamic new politics channel featuring globally renowned guests with a forensic exploration​ of all things political.


Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Jordanian Barrister & Activist

Chairperson of 17 Ventures, which has co-launched the Jordan Growth and Impact Fund. Founder of Landmark Hotels, Jordan’s leading hospitality business. Chosen as Jordan’s Top Businesswoman in 2019 and as one of Forbes Most Powerful Arab Women for several years. Young Global Leader and Member of the Global Future Council on the Humanitarian System, World Economic Forum.

Rahma Zein, Arab African Egyptian Muslim Activist and citizen journalist

Meet Rahma Zein, Editor-in-Chief Turned Advocate for Palestine Who Went Head-to-Head With CNN’s Clarissa Ward

Raw Politik Ep1 LAUNCHES MONDAY MARCH 4TH, bringing a new style of conversation and perspective to global politics in a year of elections and international war. Raw Politik presenters Mary and Rahma introduce the new platform amongst a time when there is a gap between what is actually happening in the world and what is being broadcast by legacy media, which is evident in the lack of information being shared about the current genocide in Palestine. We also take into account the constant normalisation of war crimes and the narrative to create “angry” characters of the people being oppressed across the world.

Episode 1 welcomes a SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Jill Stein, US Presidential Candidate in the 2024 election. Our presenters look into this campaign being led by the power of a resistance against weapons lobby and legacy media money but holding on to an exceptional 3rd candidacy with support from an exceptionally large base.

Dr. Jill Stein is fearless in her opening statement on the “crisis of the hour” in reference to the genocide in Palestine.

“The United States is driving this crisis and enabling this crisis.” Dr. Stein continues to call out the current USA position, and she goes on to say that she believes this “can spiral out of control”.

In the face of this crisis, Dr. Stein speaks about the other crises the US faces and her plan to deliver a peaceful alternative to saving lives and the future of every American.

Dr. Stein said that Bernie Sanders has “thrown in the towel” although he is “too much a part of the system to change the system” even though he has been inserting “some integrity” into the process at the moment. Is Doctor Jill Stein the new hope for thousands of disillusioned voters and those lost in the two-party system in America?

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