GB Spews is a channel for those who live and breathe prejudice, division, and bigotry. It is also a place for misinformation and propaganda of the worst kind. Funded by billionaires and presented by people you wouldn’t want to bump into if you were feeling depressed, it is where the truth goes to not only die but to be buried in a granite tomb.

It is rumoured that OFCOM is now setting up a department entirely focused on investigating complaints against them. They, of course, cannot revoke Spews’ licence as there are too many rich and powerful people propping it up. OFCOM largely does what it is told when it comes to the power brokers.

This follows yet another breach of broadcasting rules, as reported by Press Gazette:

‘Ofcom has expressed “significant concerns” regarding GB News’ editorial control over its live content, following a ruling that former host Laurence Fox made “unambiguously misogynistic” comments about a female journalist on Dan Wootton Tonight in September. The broadcast regulator upheld 8,867 complaints made about the remarks on Monday morning. In the contentious broadcast, Fox referred to political correspondent Ava Evans as a “little woman,” deemed her “pathetic and embarrassing,” and posed the question, “Who would want to shag that?” Ofcom now states that these remarks constituted a “highly personal attack” on Evans, violating rule 2.3 of the Broadcasting Code, which requires that material causing offense should be justified by the context.’

GB News rule breaking (up dated as it happens) – click me

However, one can also have a bellyache from catching snippets. In particular, this attempt at persuading the public that the majority still supports the billionaires Brexit, went very wrong.

If you like what is colloquially known as ‘black comedy’, GB Spews is your place. If you want real news, then as Dionne Warwick and The Stranglers sing ‘Walk On By’.

Douglas James

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