Recent Poole Closure of Public Toilets Hits Rough Sleepers

Routes to Roots believes there is an appalling situation in Poole, which really needs to come to an end! The charity is referring to the way in which some of our most vulnerable people in Poole, our rough sleepers, are having to live on the streets, to find somewhere to sleep each night, usually in a town centre car park – and there is absolutely no

provision for them for washing or toileting! Where are they meant to go the charity wonders? Apart from anything else, isn’t this a public health issue? Why is it acceptable for these ‘poor’ people to have to live like this? Why are we dehumanising them in this way? Is it because many of them also have drug addiction, alcoholism and /or mental health issues and, therefore, can be difficult to house? Does it mean they are not worthy of our care? Are these not the members of our society who need our help most?

Many years ago Routes to Roots dreamt of having its own building – A place where the homeless in Poole could access the most basic necessities for life: food, clothes, warmth and friendship, help and advice as well as much needed washing and toileting facilities. A place where the charity could help them to feel human. It’s still their dream to end rough sleeping in Poole by providing an alternative themselves! If this is your dream too and you really do care about the situation in Poole, then please make your voices heard.

Susan Gittins