Richard Shrubb for Linden Lea

Your Labour county council candidate – fighting for you.

With a privileged upbringing yet a tough young adulthood, Richard has seen the best and worst of life. From champagne and caviare on a boutique cruise ship in the Caribbean to a life on benefits and homelessness, Richard has tasted life at both ends of the wealth spectrum. Even so he thinks that the wealthy should support the less privileged through effective taxation and representation by government.

He has chosen to live in rural areas most of his adult life, and is aware of the issues facing people who make life in villages possible. Those people are young families, low paid workers and even the elderly who arguably contribute more to village life than an executive driving a Range Rover.

He is aware of countryside issues including bovine TB, the demands of supermarkets on farmers and labour issues. You will find him willing to listen and sometimes, to change his mind if presented with a cogent argument.

Remember Richard Shrubb on May the 4th at the County Council elections – a threat to the status quo where the status quo isn’t working.

Vote Richard