Girling: EU’s tough talk on Gibraltar requires determined diplomacy

Julie Girling MEP has responded to a clause in the EU 27’s draft negotiating position on Brexit, which suggests Spain will have a veto on future trade deals involving Gibraltar.

The Conservative MEP for the South West and Gibraltar said: “Nobody should be surprised that the EU is talking tough on Gibraltar. I’ve been warning that this would be the case right the way through the Brexit debate.

“We are seeing the EU working in the interests of its members…and Spain now trumps the UK. We will not defeat this threat simply by sabre rattling. Negotiation is diplomacy…and we must recognise that reality.

“Spain will be hoping that we are prepared to make a deal with them over access to fishing grounds. We should start telling them how tough we will be in this area if they try to be tough over Gibraltar.

“The sovereignty of Gibraltar is not open to negotiation  “