“What has the European Union ever done for us?”

I’ve been doing a little google research on this, so, I’ll get us started shall I?

1) We have greater protection against sexual exploitation, people trafficking (even children), paedophilia and cyber-crime.
2) Given us the European arrest warrant
3) Given us cross-border policing to combat human trafficking, arms and drug smuggling, as well as terrorism.
4) Given us tariff free trading, with a major global economy, on our doorstep
5) Made it easier to export throughout the European Economic Area as no paperwork or customs required.
6) British citizens have freedom to travel, live and work across Europe.
7) No commission to pay on currency exchange throughout the Eurozone.
8) The EU enforces laws on issues such as child maintenance and abduction. Estranged parents can no longer avoid maintenance payments by relocating to Europe.
9) The union ensures our right to a fair trial
10) The union ensures our right to privacy
11) The union ensures freedom from torture and degrading treatment
12) The union ensures freedom from discrimination
13) The union ensures greater protections for victims of domestic violence
14) Peace in Europe
15) Peace in Northern Ireland (the Good Friday agreement depends on the European convention of human rights)
16) Made us one of the largest global economies (major global companies have set up their European bases in London because we’re a gateway to Europe).
17) Provided funds for regeneration projects in parts of Wales and Northern England.
18) The EU enforces most laws on maternity/paternity leave and basic work holiday allocation and provides entitlement to paid holiday leave.
19) Given us smoke free work places
20) Given us equal pay legislation
21) Ensured our right to not to have to work more than a 48-hour week, (without overtime pay).
22) Given us better food labelling
23) Given us improved consumer protection and product safety.
24) Given us better environmental legislation and promoted a strong recycling culture
25) EU-funded research disproportionately benefits UK universities
26) They gave is cleaner beaches
27) They kept genetically modified organisms out of the food chain
28) They gave us cleaner air
29) They gave us cleaner rivers
30) They gave us less acid rain (due to lower sulphur emissions).
31) They helped to protect important species of wildlife and their habitats.
32) They helped to secure important agreements at global climate summits.
33) They introduced Health and safety in the workplace which has seen deaths fall by 50%
34) They gave us a legal framework for licensing human medicines (EMA). Human Medicines Regulation 2012 which implement EU Directive 2001/83/EC.
35) They gave us ECRIS – European Criminal Records Information System – improvement to exchange of information on criminals throughout the EU.
36) They gave us cheap mobile and data roaming within the.EU.
37) They gave us free higher education in a number of universities in EU countries. In some countries all courses of study are in English, so our students can take a degree or postgraduate course without saddling themselves with high loans.
38) Gave us free European Health Insurance through EU countries.
39) The EU gave us the minimum wage.
40) The EU gave us the entitlement to opt-in or opt-out of EU rulings whenever we like.
41) They gave us the European Court of Justice. The ECJ offers a possible route to justice if you feel the legal system in the UK has let you down.
42) The EU changed it so that Men could get free prescriptions when they hit 60 instead of 65, bringing them into line with women.
43) The EU gave us rest periods for lorry and coach drivers and regular tachograph checks.
44) They gave us protections for temporary agency workers.
45) They gave us the Energy Efficiency Directive, covering the reduction of energy consumption of buildings.
46) EU Food Safety from pesticides and pesticide residues directives
47) EU directive to protect bank deposits in case of bank failures

Now, over to you folks!

“So, apart from all of that stuff and nonsense I’ve listed above, what else has the European Union ever done for us aye?”