At a time when the country needs a compassionate and rational approach to its multiple ills it gets two of Dicken’s most scurrilous characters.

Narcissistic Johnson and Green Card Sunak.

The world knows all about Boris Johnson and his criminality, deceit and corruption who must live with their own consciences if they vote for him.

Summed up perfectly by Jonathan Pie:

However, for every Bill Sikes there has to be a Fagin. A person who could make the lives of the vulnerable much better but chooses like Sikes to exploit and ruin them.

And a man who when questioned about his corrupt wife drains of colour in front of the nation.

Remember that the ‘business’ in Russia has only ‘changed’ because the media outed them. Absolutely no principled behaviour until the exposure.

Sykes and Fagin doing what they do best. Crushing us.

Douglas James

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