The family and friends of Ralphie Ellard are hosting a “Rockin for Ralphie” music festival on Friday 10th November 2017 at the Ocean Room in Weymouth Pavilion.  Tickets are priced at £12 and are available from the Weymouth Pavilion box office.

Ralphie was born two years ago with severe cerebral palsy and this affects his speech, muscle reactions, ability to walk and his ability to eat normally. Ralphie had a suspected stroke in May and is now undergoing tests to find the cause of the stroke. The stroke was a setback for Ralphie, as he was due to undergo an operation on 4th June to fit a permanent feeding tube into his tummy to allow him to feed. The operation could not go ahead which means that feeding continues via a nasal tube into his tummy. Ralphie and his family now face a lot of travelling to Poole and Southampton for appointments plus numerous appointments with health specialists and the local authority who are currently trying to find a new home large enough for Ralphie, his two brothers Freddie and Charlie, his Mum and Dad and all the specialist equipment that he needs.

Every day is a struggle for Mum, Sian Ellard who said “We were very disappointed when Ralphie could not have his feeding tube fitted, but I totally understand why and that the surgeon needs to be 100% sure of the cause before performing another operation.  As Ralphie grows it is becoming more and more difficult to get around and now Ralphie needs a specialist wheelchair which is going to cost in the region of £5000, so I thought we could raise some money towards this by hosting a musical fundraising evening for 400 people.  I am so grateful to the sponsors and bands who have agreed to help so far but we are looking for more sponsors to help us too”.

Sian approached many local bands and the response has been overwhelming. Headline acts for the evening include The Leggomen, Milk & Two (who played at Sian and Dominic’s Wedding in 2016), Under the Carousel, Hustle, Chloe Tom & Jack on the Box, Total Madness and others who have all donated their time and talent free of charge.   The event will open at 6.30 and there will be a cash bar plus a special “Prosecco Bar” with all proceeds going to Ralphies’ fund, a Raffle and other opportunities to buy merchandise from the Cerebral Palsy charity Scope.

Sian Ellard went on to say “We have been very fortunate up until now as charities such as the Rotary Club, The Three LLL’s Trust and the Inner Wheel Charity who have all raised funds and donated to Ralphies request for items such as a specialist car seat and a special cot . I really do not know what I would have done without their generosity and help. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart”.

Sian is now looking for more support from people who can help and for business sponsors who might like to be involved in the “Rockin for Ralphie” evening to help raise more funds for Ralphie.

If you would like to help please get in touch with Sian on 07860 635568

Donate at Raising for Ralphie

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