Saving our Coastguards and Helicopter for our coastline

The Secretary of State for Transport has announced the Portland Search and Rescue helicopter base will close in 2018. And the HQ in Weymouth, which will close sooner. Despite strong protests from residents, south coast MPs, medical professionals and lifesavers. The closure has been decided without any consultation of local experts.

This is not just a local issue.

FACT.Dorset attracts 16m visitors a year from all over the country. Many come to enjoy the glorious coastline; sailors, divers, walkers, swimmers, fishermen, boaters.

FACT.Anyone who uses the waters off the south coast will be affected. Recent, extreme weather events have shown that the helicopter is necessary inland and offshore.

 FACT.The Portland SAR helicopter is already one of the busiest in the country.

To remove it, relying instead upon helicopters from bases over 60 miles away, breaks the integrity of the cover we depend upon.

Dorset will HAVE NO full time coastguards anywhere along Dorset coastline.  People of Dorset need to sign the e-petition , that is the only way Dorset have a chance of keeping this life saving service, So  please sign the online e-petition , target- 100,000