Say Hello To Simon Cobbs. What a Lovely Man

Describing himself as a proud Zionist and Jew (which effectively means right wing nationalist and all the baggage that it brings) the lovely man of Brighton has a reputation for getting a bit worked up. Overweight, red faced and intimidating in this clip as we can see.

As founder of the Sussex Friends of Israel he is also a rabid Jeremy Corbyn hater. He posts on twitter with accompanying spew to ensure that anyone without the inclination for objectivity gets his toxic points.

He is not new on the scene either. Tony Greenstein caught up with him in 2014 

and now The Skwawkbox . 

As I see it though if you want decent people to sympathise with a cause then acting like stormtroopers is probably not going to work. All that pent up hate only attracts a certain person.

Like this guy for example.

And looking desperate does not help either:

It is important to remember that here is the reality and that Simon and his crew can keep on keeping on with the hate and bile but Jackie Walker sums it up. The Friends of Israel and the zionists are in absolute panic that decency will prevail in the Labour party and that they will lose their influence. What they have done for those who needed reminding however is that their genocidal horror show will be fought until the last person is standing on either side.

Douglas James