Scot’s Cycling Column: Cycling Spin, Good or Bad?

Cycling fallacies are prevalent but it does appear that the perception is that the only people who cycle are middle-class white men (MAMILs), it’s utter nonsense, in the same vain as ‘I’m too old to cycle”, “We’re not Dutch or Danish”, “Cycling isn’t safe”, the list is endless and all are excuses to not even try?

There is an unwritten rule that drivers are likely to be working class and cyclists middle class and this tension is constantly simmering. But is this the reality or just a myth created to cause friction. Ok I accept that as a pastime cycling can be perceived as rather expensive and on numerous occasions I have been hounded by motorists that enthusiastically argue that “There shouldn’t be any provision for cycling because people who cycle don’t pay for the roads”. Once again this is absolute garbage, the majority who cycle do also use motor vehicles, very few people travel exclusively by one mode of transport and are therefore also paying motoring taxes. Cycling also causes almost no damage to the roads, which therefore require fewer repairs, it’s not rocket science.

Most people would agree that getting around by bicycle means fewer cars in traffic jams, more space on public transport, less motor-caused pollution, and a healthier population in general. Society doesn’t expect people who walk anywhere to pay a tax for walking along footpaths, so why should cycling be any different, especially as more cycling benefits everyone in society. Similarly, should only people who travel at night be expected to pay for street lighting, obviously not!!

Why can’t both cyclists and motorists life together in glorious harmony, it shouldn’t be difficult. Forget all the misguided pre-conceptions and except there are significant benefits for both. Tolerance, education and simple common sense are key. As for cycling spin, just ignore and get out and explore on two wheels, your well-being will benefit and more importantly, so will society.

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Scot Whitlock

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