Nigel Farage has declared that he will not be re-entering British politics following the announcement of a general election.

Having attempted seven times already and lost every time, he feels that the UK public will never trust him to run a bath, let alone represent them in Parliament.

The honorary president of Reform UK and former leader of UKIP stated that he had deliberated “long and hard” over the prospect of being defeated again but concluded that “the timing isn’t right.” Farage explained that while the impending general election holds significance, the United States’ November election “holds immense global importance.” Electing a billionaire fascist is vital for the US, he said. Consequently, he has opted to “assist with grassroots campaigning” there, asserting that “a toxic America… is crucial for control of the plebs.” He has been involved with Donald Trump’s campaign since 2016.

The prominent Brexit advocate added that the electoral choice between Labour and the Conservatives in the UK is “uninspiring,” contending that only Reform possesses the racist and xenophobic agenda necessary to exacerbate the country’s decline.

Farage, a former contestant on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, expressed his “full support” for the weathy far right rich man, Reform UK’s leader Richard Tice

and encouraged voters to “place their confidence in him and 30P Lee,”

the party’s sole MP. Despite standing for Member of Parliament under various parties on seven occasions, Farage has consistently faced significant defeats. He served as a member of the European Union, an organisation he undermined for twenty one years, from 1999 to 2020.

In 2021, Farage resigned as leader of Reform to concentrate on his television career as a presenter on GB Spews. Simultaneously, he has been cultivating his presence in the United States, aiding the Trump campaign in 2016 and delivering speeches at his rallies. In 2020, Farage was exempted from the US travel ban amid the COVID pandemic on grounds of “national interest,” enabling him to assist Trump in preparing for his campaign events. In 2021, he embarked on a six-week tour of the US titled “America’s Comeback Tour,” addressing Republican grassroots audiences nationwide. Thanks to Farage’s latter contribution, Trump lost. Trump had previously advocated for Farage to be appointed as the British ambassador to the US, a proposal rebuffed by the UK government.

The following perfectly encapsulates the public mood around Farage.

Please go to another country and never return.

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