Amongst the avalanche of people online pointing out that today’s fiscal measures for the government to actually intervene and help people is what Socialism is all about and also exactly the things that Jeremy Corbyn has been urging the government to do for the last 10 days in PMQ’s and by published letter (not that any Tory supporters would know this)…… there’s this from my good friend Adam Samuels:

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Socialism for, yet again, saving us. You know Socialism, yeah? It’s that thing Capitalists-on-steroids told you couldn’t work and would bankrupt the country etc. Come on, you do know Socialism: it is the NHS, the Welfare State, National Education System etc. You remember the financial crash of 2008, yes? Well Socialism saved the banks then. Does it not seem weird that something that has apparently “never worked anywhere” keeps consistently bailing out Capitalism? Can those who don’t like Socialism please form an orderly queue so we can make sure your wages are not covered, and that you cannot afford food, and that you pay for your healthcare, and that you are evicted?

Socialism eh? Never works, does it?!” 

Tom Lane

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