Stand Up To Bigotry In Christchurch

Hi everyone

I’ve been informed that a cafe in Purewell is getting hassled by a religious woman next door because the owner is Gay/Trans.

I’ve been told that the cafe owner Henry is a nice person and the cafe is a good community spot.

I’m trying to get as many people straight, gay, Trans etc… in fact anyone to just pop in on the Wednesday or Saturday to just show support.

The church lady runs a little stall outside the church on these days. She’s even been reported walking up and down the road telling people not to go into the cafe.

If anyone can show their support etc the cafè is next door to Christchurch florist Purewell and a chip shop. Best time to get there is 10:30+ on Wednesday or Saturday that is when the church lady is out in force.

Again thank you for any help or support you can give.

The address is: 127 Purewell Road Christchurch.

Tristian Falconer

Editorial Response:

We have since been sent the below. The article above identified no one by name and a number of people on social media have confirmed the behaviour as having taken place. We have no idea if this is the lady the article is referring to.

Please ensure that anyone who posts anything anywhere are absolutely sure of doing so beforehand.

Thank you.