Stop Funding Hate

Stop Funding Hate is a wonderful site. @StopFundingHate and  are wonderful social media accounts. Not only because they target those nauseous zombies at the Sun, the Mail and the Express but because it forces businesses to take responsibility once they have the knowledge of what is taking place where their marketing budgets are being spent.

With almost 80000 followers on twitter and nearly 240000 followers on facebook it identifies the racism; xenophobia; homophobia and many other aspects of hate spewed out by these corporate stooges on a daily basis. It gives you and I the info as well as those organisations that actually have a moral compass that isn’t usurped by balance sheets. We can opt not to buy these products and they can opt not to advertise with these demented souls. 

Of course these corporate mouthpieces will fight back and attempt to ridicule. That is what they do. As with this recent attempt: 

Evans Cycles accused of ‘publicity stunt’ and ‘craven surrender’ as it puts Sun, Mail and Express on ads ‘blacklist’

And of course many don’t have the knowledge or empathy… to do the right thing but we do and we can. We can help educate others as well as abstaining ourselves. In a society dominated by the hegemony of supply and demand the arbiters of hate are as much the consumers as the providers.

#Startspreadinglove! is the way forward. Not in a hippy way but in a human one. The hate divides us. The love brings us together. The majority benefit by love. The minority by hate. No choice as far as we are concerned eh?

Keep up the good work to those who are already active and keep up the good work @StopFundingHate.

Douglas James