Stop living in denial-this form of Capitalism has spectacularly failed!

Neo Liberal Free Market Capitalism has spectacularly failed. So much so that the State bailed it out. This form of Capitalism, which controls most governments, at least in terms of how decisions are made, including our own government, should by its own ideology have been left to fail. TBC I am not saying it should have happened, just that the State saved it. So, applying the general rules of Capitalism-big investment should mean the biggest returns, the State should be awash with money. Instead, we have literally the opposite of that. That is because this form of Capitalism, like the ideology in general, is a ‘pyramid’ scheme. It’s a system based on speculation, greed, extreme short-term thinking and planning, and outright manipulation.

The first and biggest debt is owed to us. Not to be paid by us, paid TO us. This economic system and ideology has ended up eating itself and f*****g over the world in many ways to get to that point. Well, quite frankly, f**k that. F**k continuing to be told this is the only way. Or the best way. Or that any alternative is a ‘Utopia’. Capitalism IS Utopia for the bankers and genuine, unfiltered recipients of mass wealth.

We can still going on pretending that it is a party, a country, a leader who has got it wrong, or we can snap out of the brain fog and realise not only is this form of economics not working, it’s destroying everything from our planet, culture, communities, health, education, relationships to human beings themselves.

‘Worth’ should not mean economic as a default setting. Far from it. What is the point of an economic system that does the opposite of what it should do-serve the people?! People are not meant to serve the economy. I am not saying economics is not important. It obviously is. But the current, and historic, culture around economics is unbelievably twisted. This ideology is so ingrained in our societies that it feeds into almost everything.

For example, as kind of a default setting, when we talk about who is draining our economy, or ‘destroying’ our culture/communities, the discussions often centre around the unemployed, people with a disability (or in the eyes of many, the ‘disabled’), young, old, skin colour, faith, single mums/dads, immigrants, refugees etc. On TV, radio, in the newspapers, online etc, we often have programmes/articles/discussions about all of these sub-groups.

We very rarely have discussions about THE ACTUAL people causing the most significant issues. We never see “Coming up on 5/Channel 4 tonight, we take a look at a street full of bankers & investors and how their decisions have enriched their lives while significantly impeding those of everyone else. That’s ‘Banker’s Street’, tonight at 9pm”. But we do see programmes about the aforementioned groups, all the time. It is the old ‘divide & conquer’ rule. While we bicker, debate, argue, insult, be violent towards or even kill ourselves & each other, the people largely behind the source of these issues (with the help of governments, of course) generally carry on, unpunished (by any realistic sense of the word), unmentioned and increasing their wealth to boot.

I am not saying it is wrong for people to earn good money TBC. I am saying that that should be a privilege available to all. As long as we have a system that is continually geared to promote, support and protect this, then nothing changes. As long as people continue to believe other ways of doing things are some imagined ‘Utopia’ or ‘pie in the sky’, then laugh at those trying to change it, the longer we tighten our own chains.

Imagine being an alien and looking at this planet and how we have the intelligence, resources, technology and capability to mean every inhabitant, of every species, can have access to everything they need, and all that has to happen is to, like, actually do it. A start to that economic and political process is to elect people who have the genuine intention and resole to do it.

From now on, everyone who thinks they know the score economically, who then mock Corbyn & McDonnell for their economic plans (despite literally over 130 of the world’s best economic minds backing their plans, including Nobel prize winning economists, former BOE advisers, it being based on Germany-and elsewhere’s-highly successful National & Regional Investment Bank model), despite the UK’s biggest business leaders saying the current system is not working, despite both the BOE and IMF saying huge public investment is needed…well I will laugh in the face of those claiming superiority of knowledge, because I am sick to death of those idiots endorsing and supporting a system that even it’s biggest benefactors are publicly, explicitly, saying is not working!

The Tories have got an absolutely terrible economic record. Not that their media will tell you this. In fact, they are so bad, their new message is “We’re not selling what is demonstrably not working, well enough”. THAT IS THEIR SOLUTION???!!! Borrowing more than every Labour government combined, WHILE implementing austerity AND it spectacularly failing on all fronts except making the richest even richer!!! Let’s have a round of applause for this, eh?!?!

The Keynesian way Corbyn & McDonnell are suggesting, which has worked and is working elsewhere, IS the way forward. Let’s stop pretending it isn’t, eh?! The nerve of those arrogant people defending what is clearly broken, then thinking THEY know best???!!! Those who mock Corbyn & McDonnell are, quite literally, saying the best economic minds in the world, and Germany, are rubbish at economics and to be laughed at, ignored and derided???!

Well, f**k you, we’ve had enough of your failures and arrogance!

The people united will never be defeated.


Adam Samuels