Summer Solstice by Janet S Rogers

It is the Summer Solstice, its time to cast a spell,
Time to watch the sun rise, as Druids dwell upon the Stonehenge hill
Its time for summer wishes, of dreams that may come true,
Time of fruit and flowers of everything that love can bring,
Time for me and you

The hassles of our daily lives, technology for all,
Computers, TV, commercial life behind each and ever…y door,
Mankind forgets the old ways, the miracle of life,
The simple to be thankful for within the pace and strife

Somewhere within our memory of those that went before,
Within our hearts, our souls, our lives, the old ways live once more,
Its time to move on, return to the past and give thanks for mother earth,
For all the things our souls have seen, through birth, life, death, re-birth