FOUR whole pages devoted to death of Tessa Jowell in Monday’s Guardian and not even ONE word about her Iraqi war crimes.

The death of any family member is a painful occasion and the lingering pain of a death from cancer is especially traumatic.

But that trauma pales into insignificance to the trauma inflicted by Tessa Jowell’s participation in the Blair War Cabinet, on the Iraqi people and the whole middle-east by the Pandora’s box of terrorism that it horrifically opened.

Jowell was described by the Chilcot Inquiry vilified Iraqi War Prime Minister Tony Blair as his “ultimate sensible loyalist”.

Jowell voted FIVE times for the Iraq war in Parliament.

And whilst the press and establishment rightly extended their sympathies and condolences to her family yesterday, Jowell voted again and again against the wishes of the grieving families of the UK soldiers killed in Iraq, to have a public inquiry into her and the Blair cabinet’s decision to launch the Iraqi bloodbath.

The Chilcot Inquiry when it was finally published years later, after her and her fellow war-criminals opposition was finally overcome, was scathingly damning of her government.

But to compound her guilt, she continued to vote even then against holding Tony Blair to any account for their government’s deceitful manipulation of the intelligence, in the lead up to the war, as they sought with the help of Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine, to seek to manipulate the UK public to support the disastrous invasion.

The glowing tributes included her compassion for the families of the victims of the vicious 7/7 London bombings but included no mention of the warnings Blair received from the intelligence services, that if they went ahead with the invasion, it would result in fanning the flames of home-grown terrorism.

The 7/7 victims, were just as much victims of her war crimes as the millions of Iraqi families whose lives were destroyed by Blair’s invasion.

The other strand used in her press beatification was her “brave” campaigning for research funding for the cancer she herself was suffering from.

But it made no mention of how her government again and again cut the fuel duties on toxic carcinogenic diesel & petrol, leading to the deaths and disabling of thousands of people from the resulting cancers.

I empathasise with Jowell the cancer victim, as I would with any cancer victim and with her family, as I would with any family on the loss of any family member.

But I regret that Jowell the politician was never held responsible for her collective war-crimes with the rest of the Blairite war-cabinet.

Donnachadh x

PS if you cannot afford a copy of The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought , where I go into more detail about the lead-up to the Iraq War, then email & I will send the ebook version to you for free.