Jewish Voice For Labour Have Cracked It

The Jewish Voice for Labour have cracked it.

‘We, together with members of Free Speech on Israel, have produced this definition of antisemitism as a contribution to the debate on the left and the labour movement, and in the wider society. We have long argued that the IHRA 39-word definition is simply unhelpful and that the guidance notes often circulated with it are highly political in motivation, confuse criticism of Israel with antisemitism and create a presumption that any criticism of Israel is likely to be antisemitic. The effect of this is to create an atmosphere of fear and suspicion about having any discussion of Israel at all. It seriously undermines our long-stated and deeply felt support for the rights of the Palestinian people.

We offer our definition and accompanying notes as providing a clear, transparent framework for discussion, enabling us both to identify what is and is not likely to be antisemitic while at the same time allowing free speech and open criticism of the policies of the Israeli government and the Zionist movement.

‘Antisemitism is a form of racism: hatred, hostility, discrimination or prejudice against Jews because they are Jews. It may be manifested in violence; denial of rights; direct, indirect or institutional discrimination; prejudice-based behaviour; or verbal or written statements. Such manifestations draw on stereotypes – characteristics which all Jews are presumed to share.’

At last a definition that can be used and applied that actually does the job.

No more reacting to zionists who claim the land as their own whilst inflicting state murder on those who dispute it.

And also drop the investigation in to Jackie Walker and Ken Livingston and all the rest who challenged the nationalist psychopaths who wage war on our bodies and senses daily.

The world is losing patience with the return to Nuremberg and once Trump is gone…

Douglas James