The Labour Party Is Two Parties: The People’s And The Establishment Stooges

It began with the forces of darkness ridiculing us and finished with the tunnel’s light beckoning us. What lay in between was a journey of prevailing positive thought; a conspiring of the elites and a government so incompetent and morally villainous that even the forces of darkness were pleasantly surprised. From politicians in all parties to journalists owned by billionaires to desperate people readily consuming lies and despair it looked like a challenge beyond all challenges. Yet the desire to espouse decency and defeat lies and propaganda is demonstrating that it can vanquish even the most malevolent.

Before we get on to the politicians let’s have a quick look at the standard of journalism thrown by the stooges:

Hundreds, if not thousands, of other examples but we get the gist. Poor research, a bias genesis and little self respect. The outcome? Embarrassing.

The hope of the empire is that from the fog of the foul forest will come a challenger to give the Labour party back its corporate gloss. And suddenly a vision from beyond the gas works appears and in strides. Owen Smith.

The soundbite? “To make Labour electable!” That’s right let’s repeat the mantra often enough and those with fins and golden scales having swum around the tank twice have forgotten the Bush love in and the PFI’s. They have banished from their singular retention the sucking up to the corporate garbage collectively known as most of our mainstream media and the embracing of neo liberal economics that made Margaret Thatcher proud.

And yet we still have a significant coven in the Labour party who joyously mix with other covens across other parties. They are much more interested in power for power’s sake than they are in ‘for the many not the few’. In reality many of them have little or no interest in such an outcome. They are part of a belief system that wants to tinker with inequality in preference to confronting it head on. As a result… the elites hopes and expectations were dismantled over a short period. As James O’Brien summised:

“What is attracting people to Jeremy Corbyn is that he is clearly and demonstrably not like the rest of them”.

But even as the perceptions changed the mercenaries in the bubble kept their ridicule on turbo charge:

And then on the morning of 9th June almost all of those dark forces found themselves yet again being found out. Almost 12.9 million voted Labour. Just 750,000 votes less than the establishment party. Only an out of date not fit for purpose electoral system still gave the Tories 55 more seats. A result which forced them in to bed with another bag of vipers merely to be able to function in Parliament.

Finally and most pertinently a reporter asks Lord Mandelson, part of the right wing pro establishment vanguard, that if he had supported Jeremy Corbyn all along they might have done even better (perhaps won the election outright) and his answer “Yes he may well have”.

There is your end game Mr Richards and for your fellow establishment stooges, a Labour government for the many not the few. If that is not what you want then the message from the rest of us is BYE! Join the Tories. Go back to the 18th or 19th century.

The last word:

Douglas James