More than 100 people have signed the letter, including Labour MPs John McDonnell and Zarah Sultana, singer Charlotte Church, and Channel 4 news presenters Symeon Brown and Lindsey Hilsum, following the sudden removal of Sangita Myska from the LBC news platform.

The signatories, who include senior BBC and Channel 4 News journalists, Members of Parliament and the singer Charlotte Church, say that Myska’s departure from the station “has been interpreted by many as the station’s complete disregard for industry standards relating to diversity and transparency”.

They also express concern that her departure shows that “excellent journalists are at risk for simply doing their job and asking robust questions.”

It was following this interview that Sangita suddenly disappeared from the LBC platform:

The letter read: “The unexplained disappearance for weeks of a high profile, popular journalist from LBC’s schedule – the only Asian presenter in a regular slot – shocked, upset and confused her peers and thousands of listeners across the UK, whose strength of feeling is palpable.

“The abrupt nature of Sangita’s departure, and the absence of an explanation, have been interpreted by many as the station’s complete disregard for industry standards relating to diversity, transparency and attributing value to its audiences, and concern that excellent journalists are at risk for simply doing their job and asking robust questions.

“In a world beset by disinformation and misinformation, Sangita’s voice as a truth teller throughout her career is even more sought after now and is missed.

“The huge outcry by her followers in recent weeks and those concerned about press freedoms highlights this. We stand in solidarity with Sangita Myska and look forward to the return of her valued journalism.”

So far, a petition calling for Myska to be reinstated by LBC has received more than 35,000 signatures.

One of Myska’s most profound contributions lies in her unwavering commitment to authenticity. In an age where sensationalism often eclipses substance, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of truth, refusing to succumb to the allure of clickbait journalism. Instead, she endeavors to present a holistic view of the world, one that acknowledges the inherent complexities of human existence.

Central to Myska’s approach is her profound empathy for her subjects. Behind every statistic lies a human being with dreams, fears, and aspirations, and it is this recognition of our shared humanity that permeates her work. Whether she is documenting the struggles of refugees or shedding light on the plight of marginalized communities, Myska’s empathy serves as a bridge, connecting disparate worlds and fostering understanding in the face of adversity.

It appears that this type of journalism is being silenced by powerful people lurking in the shadows. Exposing tyranny is only acceptable if those in the shadows agree. Otherwise, it is silenced, and those who dare to are punished.

Independent media does not have a built in censorship and is the place for reality over propaganda.

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