The Plans for the Peninsula. Wrong Choice!

Despite a dull cool day, we decided to sit on the Esplanade for a short while and quite by chance, struck up conversation with tourists on holiday till Friday. After putting the world to rights, they said something like “why don’t they do something with that area over there, it seems wasted”.

They nodded in the direction of the Peninsula.

OMG!, I told them that even as we spoke, the council had recently announced plans for what they considered to be ideal. They wanted to know more. I said a hotel featured. They then bombarded me me with every reason under the sun why this was in their opinion, a wrong choice, stating obviously that we had more than enough.

To be able to tell them there was a groundswell of people who were of the same opinion and that there was a last minute internet campaign to halt progress, and that alternative proposals were available, went someway to diffuse the conversation.

Soon after, we left them to enjoy the remainder of their stay here and no doubt, continue talking and thinking about what they might see when next they return.

Colin Hatch

If you smell a rat in the decision making process for the Peninsula and the rejection of local opinion re the plans then get in touch with your councillor and tell them so.

Rumours of back handers and the filthy lucre being the motivation will never be dispelled but transparency and honesty should not be regarded as dirty words.