The real reason why Tories won’t stop arms sales to the Saudis

Most of you will no doubt be aware of the current news story implicating the Saudi royal family in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and you’re probably also aware of the unprecedented devastation that the Saudi’s have been visiting on the people of Yemen. No doubt you’ll also be aware of the fact that the UK has continued to sell billions of £’s worth of weapons of mass destruction to the Saudis for some time now and, despite growing international pressure, there seems to be no question of halting UK arms sales to the Saudis.

On Thursday we witnessed Tory MEPs choosing to abstain when the rest of the European parliament overwhelmingly voted to back an EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia…

Why would they do this? Well, actually, there might be two reasons…

1) The PM’s husband works for a major investment fund that owns, defense giant, Lockheed Martin and, yes, they do sells arms to the Saudis (as well as Israel). Oh and, by the way, they are also getting a big slice of the $multi-billion arms deal that Trump agreed with the Saudis and keeps boasting about.

2) Philip May’s investment company also makes money from helping companies to avoid paying taxes. You have to wonder, therefore, how many vested interests there might be in protecting the firm?

Koser Saeed