Let’s compare Tory MP’s with Labour MP’s and with the general population that they are meant to serve.

Number or % ofTory MP’s (of 362)Labour MP’s (of 199)UK Population
  Women    87 = 24%  103 = 52%  50.6%  
  Ethnic Minority    22 = 6%    41 = 21%    14%  
  Privately Educated    45% (Cabinet = 60%)    15%  7%
  Went to Oxford or Cambridge    86 = 24% (Cabinet = 46%)    34 = 17%  Less than 1%

So, 94% of Tory MPs are white and 76% are male.  They are highly likely to be privately educated (which usually means coming from a wealthy/privileged background).  In fact, Tory MPs are as likely to be educated at Oxbridge as they are to be women!

Unsurprisingly, Johnson has been accused of having a ‘Cabinet of Millionaires’ and, shockingly, it was revealed that one-third of UK billionaires donate to the Tory Party!

They are a Party OF the 1%, supported BY the 1% and acting FOR the 1%!

So yeah, these Tory MPs all look the same to me. 

But I tell who they don’t look like: the British public. 

They don’t represent us; they rule over us on behalf of their mega-rich donors, including the tax exile billionaires who own most of our media!

Tom Lane

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