#TimesUp on the President’s Club

“So Children’s Minister @nadhimzahawi – up to now best known for claiming thousands of pounds from public funds for heating his stables – was at #PresidentsClub event. Any comment Mr Zahawi? How does this fit with your ministerial responsibilities?”

Tom London

“Just caught up on the #presidentsclub piece. Y’know, having worked in (perfectly normal) bars & restaurants in the City as an undergrad, the FT article doesn’t surprise me one jot. The grotesque, demeaning way that men would routinely treat us young women isn’t easily forgotten.”

Hannah Fry

“For the idiots claiming #PresidentsClub women were there by choice: what luxury & privilege to be able to argue contrarian view. Women don’t choose to be objectified, harassed and paid less for jobs men define/don’t want. Our ‘choices’ are shaped daily by the limits placed on us.”

Sophie Walker

#TimesUp misogynists. Back to the Stone Age with you.

Douglas James