The premier of the new movie opens in London today starring….

Theresa May as Capt Edward Smith. The Tory Party as The White Star Line. George Osborne as J.P.Morgan. George Soros as John Jacob Astor. Boris Johnson as Entertainments Manager. The British Public as The Third Class doomed Passengers.

Below is part of the script?

Smith….. ‘God himself couldn’t sink this ship’.

Astor….. Full speed ahead, there’s no icebergs around here.

Morgan…. I’ve put a lot of dosh into this but have cancelled my passage and bailed out..

Smith… Strong and Stable is this vessel.

Entertainments Manager….. Nice weather we’re having.

British Public….. We want out.

White Star Line…. This doesn’t look good.

 Glug. Glug.Glug. Oh dear me!

And Smith STAYED on the bridge even when all was lost.

James Pulleine