A hollow victory

What Jeremy Corbyn has personally achieved in this General Election is little short of a miracle and those who stood with him deserve all the praise I can heap on them in what was the greatest upset in UK politics and a resounding triumph against a despicable and hostile media daily dumping on the minds and lives of ordinary people and treating us all with the contempt that only super wealthy, tax dodging, billionaires can.

Quite what Theresa May was thinking when she took it upon herself to call a snap election we’ll probably never know as she lacks the kind of self honesty that makes for a remotely interesting autobiography, which I do not doubt she will at some point pen to grace the shelves of charity shops.

I am sure her reverend father must have said to her at least once, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,’ but then, as now, she was clearly a hopeless listener.


At the time of writing, May is going to attempt to form a coalition government with the Democratic Unionist Party and is perhaps hoping the Liberal Democrats will join her as the second dogs tail. Tim Fallon’s party has already committed suicide once in coalition with the Tories, going for the brace would seem little excessive. not to mention stupid.

Had this been a fair fight it is clear that Labour would have walked it, to have achieved so great a victory against the most despicable odds and the bile that was daily levelled against them should be the stuff of legend in UK political history. That Corbyn never once stooped to the same vitriolic abuse says everything about him and is a testament to his leadership qualities.

I may be an old duffer but I am not a hat doffer but just this once I will tip my titfer gladly to Jeremy Corbyn in open admiration for his statesmanship and enviable restraint in the face of relentless adversity.

If May does manage to form a government it is clear that the Tory agenda of wanton destruction will continue and we have the same monstrous battle on our hands to oppose them and to prevent them dragging us back to the Victorian days of work houses and grinding poverty. No matter how much or little a coalition might act as a restraining influence, the Tory agenda remains exactly the same as we’ve seen over seven long years.

Today, democratic socialism won this election, it stormed to the moral high-ground untouched (if not unaffected) by the cesspool of bile and hate that was thrown at it. It’s hard not to see that politics has been changed forever by this general election or that arrogance, privilege and wealth will ever again be counted as the qualities required for political dominance and leadership.

David Cameron made an election promise to ‘continue to make government more transparent’ and, as ever, he meant no such thing. Such routine lies are the stuff of those who seek high office for their own self serving reasons and which fuel political disinterest, which is so snidely referred to as apathy. Whatever freedoms and social benefits we have come to enjoy and rightfully expect have come through bitter struggle against those who would oppress us, exactly as the Conservatives have for the last seven years at vast cost to the nation and in lives.

Democracy works from the bottom up, not top down, and no better tool has emerged than the Internet for holding power to account and for exposing the abuses of the powerful, the, so called, great and the good, which is how Theresa May sees herself and which is now so openly exposed as arrogant nonsense.

Jeremy Corbyn’s rallying cry was ‘For the many, not the few’, and the few responded with rage. The day before the general election the Daily Mail, run by tax dodging billionaire Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, edited by bile spitting millionaire Paul Dacre, boasted thirteen pages of vitriolic hatred levelled against Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. Such is the degree that powerful interests feel they have some god ordained right to interfere in democracy.

They have abused any right to be called a free press and their power is on the wane thanks to democracy and the information highway.

Theresa May thinks she has formed a government, a government which can deliver on the will of the British people, but it is a government formed on the back of lies, smears, deceit and by a feral media opposed to the will of the people and democracy. It is not a government which can have any lasting life, and nor is it a government with any legitimacy because it got there under false pretences.

Over the next few days we’ll have to recover our strength from this bitter charade and pretence and return to the field of battle in the war which they started but which it has always fallen to us to finish.

A war led by Jeremy Corbyn as the popular (by favour, approval, and affection of the people) political leader by the democratic will of the people so amply demonstrated throughout the election process which the media sought so hard to hide and demean.

It was telling that on Theresa May’s return from the palace to Downing street, as she walked from her car to the lectern outside number 10, she was met with complete silence, acknowledged by no one. Imagine if that had been Jeremy Corbyn.

KOG. 10 June 2017