Why ? Basically….Because it is deemed by the Labour party that it is anti semetic to Say….I object Strongly to the Israeli army Murdering Slaying & Land grabbing from Palestinian people.

Also, because I point out that 80 of Conservative MP‘s & many Blairites are … FRIENDS OF ISRAEL ….effectively , paid Agents for Israel.


This is Treason!
Any & all decisions made in the commons Government are favoured towards Israel !

I ask… Who is the FRIEND OF UK/BRITAIN?
JEREMY CORBYN This man was not for Sale!

Add to this my constant posting of Election & Postal Vote Corruption & Fraud !
#UK #Britain Election &Postal Vote Fraud ! Your Vote did not mean a thing ! All was rigged!

No matter which way people voted….even prior to 2016 Elections …The voting system was in control ! People had No Say & No Vote in these Rigged Elections!
L@@K at this link with Evidence to support it!

Maureen Anne Fitzsimmons

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