When constituencies are not marginal, governments tend to see them as easy touches. They do not fear their decisions impacting at elections and thus consider them as easy targets. South Dorset has seen many examples including a floating prison, the removal of the coastguard helicopter

and the housing of serial sex offenders and bent coppers at The Verne, on Portland.

This week, ministers will declare that they have reached an agreement with the Portland Port Authority to berth a floating migrant ship in its harbour.

The British government would sign the first pact of its sort ever.

But, No. 10 is preparing for a violent revolt over its highly divisive proposal.

Local residents are investigating “all possibilities,” including a legal challenge, to oppose the idea, according to local Tory MP Richard Drax.

We are a sensitive beach community, and this is completely inappropriate he stated.

Simply put, we lack the needed services. One major concern is that we have already experienced issues with migrants and hotels, including cases of young people going missing and sexual assaults. How are we going to survive aboard a boat?
If they proceed, we are thinking of filing a lawsuit, he continued. We are considering all possibilities to put a stop to this.

Richard Drax’s use of the word ‘sensitive’ should be taken with a pinch of salt given the racist bigots who usually comment on the Dorset Echo posts and social media.

The Dorset Council expressed major reservations about the location’s suitability for this facility in a statement released earlier this week.

“The council hasn’t had much of a say in this and can’t decide anything.

Huge barges and former RAF stations would be utilised to host illegal immigrants rather than pricy hotels, according to a statement made earlier this week by Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick.

The Home Office and the port have been in communication for some time. Weymouth, a very well-liked coastal town, is close by.

Ministers are anticipated to sign the mooring deal soon.

Even though it is thought they have “identified one” they are looking at, they have yet to purchase a boat.

Until the yacht is actually purchased, berthed, and accommodates any migrants, it could take several months.

Even though the yacht hasn’t been purchased, insiders in the administration have already given it the name “HMS Jenrick” in honour of the Immigration Minister.

Previously, the port was the docking location for the HMP Weare floating prison boat, which operated there from March 1997 until its closure in 2005.

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