The Russell Brand social media pile-on has led to some very acrimonious discussions on social media. The partisan approach has led some to condemn him without trial, while others have called for a pause while the police and Crown Prosecution Service are allowed to do their investigations. This has now escalated to the government’s use of ‘cancel culture’ in which the monetisation of Mr Brand’s discussions and soliloquies on a range of different topics is being halted. The irony of this latest development is that the government is uniting many ‘right wing’ voices against them but finding sympathy from some on the ‘left’. Was this planned? Is this an attempt to win over some on the ‘left’ before the next general election, especially as any rational ‘left winger’ would not touch Mr Starmer with a one hundred metre broom handle?

Making sense of anything now requires deep and long-term critical thought alongside open-minded investigative journalism. However, very few ever participate in the required cerebral devotion to ever be able to come close to comprehending reality. Social media rarely seeks it and thus people adopt a simplistic and often emotional response that undermines all aspects of intellectual vigour. What occurs is a biased, partisan and opinionated conflict that goes nowhere in particular. We are left with a diet so devoid of nutrition that death should be welcomed as well as expected. People who we once respected are reduced to white noise dribblers who use non-sequiturs at will, like someone who is shellshocked and ordered to fire an M2 Browning machine gun at anything that moves.

This can then lead to very dangerous outcomes, as exemplified by the following:

Spring Wise admits that she/he is comfortable with falsely accused victims of sexual assault taking their own lives if it means some justice for the assault victims.

To reach this conclusion suggests a sickness in the human psyche that is ripe for exposure.

To focus on the irrational and emotional examples that have been spouted over the last few days, it would require a text of War and Peace proportions and then some. Anyone who has been on social media, whatever side they have chosen, cannot fail to have come across an ocean of mass discord. Unless one is equipped with the intellectual tools it becomes a sea of proverbial blood.

However, this discord has now become extremely complicated. From different types of feminism fighting each other (Radical feminists who argue that just being a man is a problem to Postmodern feminists who argue women are very different to each other and will take multiple positions) to those ‘of the left’ (who are meant to be chasing equity or equality via justice) who seek to rush to judgement without any due process and find themselves willingly being hurled around in the maelstrom. At the same time, they slam people who say, ‘calm down and wait’, just because The Sunday Times and a Dispatches programme have told them to. There is no intellectual vigour. Just hang him, repeated over and over in a multifarious number of ways. Some ‘left wing voices’ cease to be rational and become the witchfinder generals. Those on the right of politics however, argue that yet again, the liberals are imposing ‘cancel culture’ and have become the creators of Gilead, as in The Handmaid’s Tail. Stalinist totalitarianism, in which the law is used and imposed not for justice but for control and retribution.

Interestingly, the so called right-wing purveyors of free speech, when dealing with Dan Wootton, one of their own, have adopted a let’s wait and see policy.

‘Dame Caroline Dinenage noted in her letter that the Sun newspaper, for whom Wootton worked until 2021, has an “ongoing investigation into his alleged behaviour”.

The publishers of Mail Online said in August that it had “paused” his column.

“Since then, we are aware that Mr Wootton continues to broadcast on GB News, and indeed discussed the accusations against him during a broadcast on the channel on 19 July 2023,” Dame Caroline wrote.

In his reply, GB News spokesperson Mr Frangopoulos said: “Serious allegations have been made against Dan Wootton, but, as far as we are aware, none of these allegations have been admitted or proved by an independent body. GB News continues to monitor the situation.”‘ (BBC).

Yet another irony to add to the already existing millions.

If this has been a government con trick, I could be forgiven for being very confused as to what they expect to gain. Those who laud free speech are uniting tens of millions of people behind Mr Brand and others, who they argue has received no trial and are being cancelled based on legally unsubstantiated accusations. Those who traditionally would have voted Conservative, even if it meant with a huge peg on their nose, are now ridiculing them and exposing what may or may not be a conspiracy on a monumental scale.

And if they hoped that Rumble, whom many on the left distrust and despise, was going to quake, they got that wrong too. In fact, it appears many are now running towards them.

According to Forbes, Rumble has a reported 78 million active users globally, which is growing ten percent each month.

Hang on! Perhaps this is an extremely clever initiative. Perhaps getting more and more people across the world to be consumed by opinion over fact and to be able to say what they like is more important than winning an election. Perhaps by enabling the Starmerite Labour Party and the Bidenesque Democratic Party (and many before them) to become merely tools for multinational and transnational corporations, it does not matter who actually wins the elections from their perspective. The politicians will find lucrative positions either way as long as they play the game. The only ones who will suffer are us. As ever was.

Whatever is going on those who are conned by the mainstream social and culture creators will it seems be ready to sacrifice each other, as Spring Wise admitted above and we will all continue to ride someone else’s train to someone else’s destination.

It is all part of the game that we have been conditioned to play. The only difference now is that the rules have become so complicated that even a Phd in the Social Sciences or Philosophy would fall well short.

What times we live in.

Jason Cridland

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