As a species, we are by far and away the most wasteful and selfish. We are destructive, ignorant and egocentric. With the mountain of evidence all around us that our behaviour is killing multiple species and contributing to global warming and climate change and all of the apocalyptic scenarios that computer modelling has predicted, we still persevere on our road to oblivion.

Take this box.

Have a guess at what you think it was used to deliver.

Multiple pairs of footwear?

A Toaster?

An air fryer?


Fish tank?

A lamp?


Plant pot?

Saucepan set?

A sewing machine?

Anything else?

All wrong!

This is what arrived in the box above.

A charm the size of a thumb nail.

To reveal the scale take a look:

This may be another moment to ask, ‘How are humans destroying the planet?’

The Earth, our only home, is currently facing an unprecedented environmental crisis. The rapid industrialisation and urbanisation of the past few centuries have led to a surge in human activities that are detrimental to the environment. From deforestation and habitat destruction to pollution and climate change, humans are responsible for a wide range of destructive actions that are driving the planet towards ecological disaster. The following are just some of the ways:

Deforestation and Habitat Destruction

One of the most significant ways in which humans are harming the environment is through deforestation and habitat destruction. Forests are not only vital for maintaining biodiversity but also play a crucial role in regulating the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide. However, large-scale deforestation for agriculture, logging, and urban expansion is rapidly diminishing these essential ecosystems. As forests disappear, countless species lose their habitats, leading to a decline in biodiversity and threatening the delicate balance of ecosystems.


Pollution, in various forms, poses a grave threat to the environment. Air pollution, primarily caused by the burning of fossil fuels, industrial emissions, and transportation, results in smog, acid rain, and the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This not only endangers human health but also damages plant life and contributes to global warming. Water pollution, from industrial runoff, agricultural pesticides, and sewage, contaminates rivers, lakes, and oceans, leading to the destruction of aquatic ecosystems and the endangerment of marine life.

Climate Change

Perhaps the most pressing environmental crisis of our time is climate change, largely driven by human activities. The burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, trapping heat and causing global temperatures to rise. This phenomenon has far-reaching consequences, including the melting of polar ice caps, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and disruptions to ecosystems. Climate change not only threatens human communities but also endangers countless species and their habitats.

Resource Depletion

The excessive consumption of natural resources is depleting the Earth’s finite reserves at an alarming rate. From fossil fuels to minerals and fresh water, humans are exploiting these resources faster than they can be replenished. This not only results in resource scarcity but also contributes to habitat destruction and pollution. Additionally, the extraction of resources often leads to habitat destruction and disrupts ecosystems, causing long-term harm to the environment.

Overpopulation and Urbanisation

The global population continues to grow, and urbanisation is on the rise. As more people move to cities and urban areas expand, there is increased pressure on the environment. Urbanisation leads to the conversion of natural landscapes into concrete jungles, causing habitat destruction and disrupting local ecosystems. Moreover, the concentration of people in urban areas exacerbates pollution, resource consumption, and waste generation.

Thus, the above box is not a joke. It is an allegory of our times and should upset everyone who seeks to pay attention.

Penny Lane

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