Tory policy is a ‘…social calamity and an economic disaster’

UN investigation concludes the Tories “callous” austerity policies and their handling of rising levels of child poverty and human rights violations is “not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster”. The Tories, they say, have inflicted “great misery” on ordinary British people.

What’s even more striking is their conclusion that Tory austerity policies were “driven by a political desire to undertake social re-engineering rather than economic necessity”. In other words, this was an exercise in Eugenics by stealth. Ironically, a number of us touched on this in numerous posts over recent months….

‘Dispatches investigated what happened leading up to the Grenfell Tower fire, what lessons have been learnt and what, if any, action the government has taken subsequently. This is a pretty damning assessment of the failures leading up to the fire and, perhaps even more shocking, despite Theresa Mays promises in the immediate aftermath of the fire, very little has changed – no new policies have been brought forward and inadequate safety regulations have been allowed to stand, which leaves tenants in other high rise flats around the UK just as vulnerable, frightened and with few options available to them.

Under this government we have seen a significant rise in mortality figures in the UK. Lack of funding for the NHS and Social care kills! Lack of funding for mental health care Kills. Cutting benefits for the most vulnerable kills! Making people homeless kills. Zero hour contracts kill!

Eugenics is a fascistic belief that you can improve the genetic make up of a population through selective breeding. In earlier manifestations (in the 1930’s) this might include sterilizing people with ‘undesirable traits’ but, of course, equally effective would be to kill people off instead.

Being poor, weak or disabled, having a mental illness, a low IQ, a criminals record or simply being a member of a disfavored minority group would all be ‘undesirable traits’ under Eugenics rules. The astute among us will notice that this just so happens to be the very same sections of society that this Tory government has turned its back on today. Perhaps this might explain why some in the Tory party appear to be utterly indifferent to the scale of the loss of life at Grenfell or the fact that there are literally hundreds of other similar death traps dotted all over England?’

Koser Saeed

Steve Tomo on Universal Credit

‘Whilst this story is very welcomed from a British newspaper it yet again skirts around the edges of the very real issues UC is simply not fit for purpose it is designed to create poverty and like every single benefit reform undertaken by this vile government in power it is doing exactly that, universal credit began its rollout in 2013 and has been blighted by problems from day one with failing IT systems and benefits that are on average 25% lower than the current systems and the largest chunk of this 25% is people housing benefits or top up council taxes which is what is creating poverty right across our country and we haven’t yet reached full roll out.

But this is nothing unusual from this pernicious government we have in power the very same issues arose when Invalidity benefits were moved to ESA people lost vital benefits again around 20% and of course it created hardships and poverty and has been challenged ever since by disabled activists across the country, but of course all of these challenges have made little difference to claimants being forced into poverty by the state with some forced out of the systems altogether, by this time this government appeared to be rubbing its hands with glee at the real misery they were creating and went even further with its rollout out pip and once again this was yet another benefit that simply was not fit for purpose and despite government claims of targeting disabled benefits better PIP was nothing of the sort yet again it was a vehicle to reduce disability benefits leaving hundreds of thousands of disabled peoples across our country house bound as it reduced their mobility entitlements.

Every single bit of this is by design none this was a miscalculation or an error of judgement by this pernicious government it is all designed to achieve what they have achieved which is the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives in our country, but yet we have virtual silence from MSM and the print media but not only do we have this deafening silence from the whole of the media but we have the same by all MP’s across the divide in our political system yes we get the odd challenge from individual opposition MP’s but no real concerted effort to challenge the very real misery being created by the state and their hostile enviroment to everyone who claims any state benefit.

Why are we not seeing this being challenged on a daily basis why are we not seeing mass demonstrations on our streets and banner headlines in all our press, is this really the forgotten genocide of the sick the poor and the elderly in our country whilst our elite politicians play politics with brexit’ do the masses really believe brexit is more of peril to their lives than this pernicious government and it state-sponsored eugenics of the poorest most vulnerable people across our society.

Wake up people this is coming to a street near you very soon, as we have seen earlier this year 81 homeless people died in one month with not one serious case revue carried out by any council of any political persuation and these deaths are very likely all victims of the above, but the people are silent the press is silent the media are silent and opposition MP’s are silent the human rights activists are silent are we all really sleep walking into a modern-day kind of holocaust being carried by a state against it own people whilst the world and its elite corporate press and media silently watch silently from the side lines?’