History will not be kind to Mr Trump. To be fair there is nothing to be kind about. Sympathetic possibly, given he is merely a patsy of a higher authority to appeal to those whose cerebral abilities actually declined since leaving the womb, of which pitifully there are many. How to make the establishment more appealing? Get a Trump or a Johnson to pretend they are against it and create havoc.

He opens his mouth and types on pads and nothing of any substance appears. His allure appears to be that he can speak utter nonsense from one of the highest political positions which is attractive to those who do the same lower down. We are temporarily in an epoch in which those who know what they are talking about are a threat to Mr and Mrs Clueless because it makes them look stupid. It is too much effort to become informed so let’s celebrate the day of baseless opinion.

All hail Trump and Johnson and Farage and co. We can say what we like when we like and no matter how wrong or offensive it doesn’t matter.

And then along comes an infectious disease that threatens to wipe out thousands or millions and we get the symptoms. Suddenly opinions become worthless and we need those experts again. Do we stick to our flabby guts or someone else’s brains? Die or survive?

Suddenly Trump and his half witted blurb is of actually no use whatsoever. We want, no we need an expert. Again.

Funny old world.

The solution in a truly rational world is of course for us all to have the opportunities to become experts in something. That is really what pisses us off. An elite keeping everything to themselves and us trapped in a controlled spiral in which opportunities are handed out not to suit us but them.

We all need to be able to contribute knowledge and skills. If not then multiple ‘Trumps’ will come and go until we have wiped ourselves out.

Douglas James

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