This is something that you won’t see on the BBC. As recently as 2020 there was a motion put before the United Nations. It looked to outlaw the glorification of Nazism.

Only two countries on the entire planet voted against this resolution. Guess which two countries? The United States and Ukraine. Did they anticipate a war that would involve Neo-Nazis?

This utterly shocking truth definitely strengthens the hand of those who have complained that Neo-nazis have been incorporated in to the Ukranian army. Why would two countries oppose the glorification of Nazism unless they were trying to hide a dirty secret?

This is the link to the UN vote.

And below is the vote. N signifies a No vote. Only two countries in the whole world voted No.

Damien Stone

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  1. The other problems cited by the US include concerns that Russia is using it to carry out political attacks against its neighbours.

    State officials said Moscow has for decades sought to portray the Baltic states and others that sought independence from Soviet domination as either pro-fascist or pro-Nazi, according to the Associated Press.