UK To Be Tory Free By 2067

Thanks to Michael (Lord) Heseltine we can finally identify the year when the UK will be Tory Free. The year is 2067. 50 years from now the country will have finally rid itself of the plague known as The Conservative party. We will have moved on to a more progressive, higher moral plain one suspects and the idea of people being deferential to sociopaths will finally be at an end.

Bunting, music, laughter and relief will be the celebratory symbolism. The cultural death mask of greed and fictional human behaviours will be resigned to digital (or whatever is in place in 2067) data and no longer inflicted upon the human condition.

The loving embrace of all members of our species and our planet will be the empirical norm and the arrogance of ‘superiority’ will be the cornerstone of our shameful past. The exploitative balance sheet hegemony of the Tory manifestation will be on a parallel with the nuns grave in El Salvador or in fact any other grave filled with the bones harvested by every other genocidal machine.

No more attacks on the poor and vulnerable. No more backhanders and favours to rich mates. No more selling arms to those who wish others harm (including us). No more putting up high fences because the neighbours are Romanian. No more covering in tattoos, shaving the head and chanting unintelligible low pitched sounds. No more sitting in a foreign country telling everyone how awful ‘home’ is and how those at ‘home’ should do it their way. No more posh voices telling managers to tell us how to think and act…. No more lots of things that served a small elite first and foremost.

Oh and no more daily Mail; Telegraph; Express; Sun… spouting out excrement like a broken sewer.

In two generations time we will have left them a new world and they will thank us for our perseverance. You see it will be all worth it.

Douglas James