(PLEASE don’t read if you don’t want to know the truth of how bad things are in parts of Italy and Spain or get upset by things!)

From my friend who lives in Spain:

“It is scary here. Basically they are sacrificing people to help new patients, there is no dignity in death, no funerals, immediate incineration of bodies. They disinfected up to about a metre high last night with tractors (spraying people’s plants and even cats in the process).”

I’ve seen reports on CNN (they’re not showing the severity of things on UK TV) of hospitals in parts of Italy and Spain. It’s a horror show. In Italy, they call it ‘The Apocalypse’. Not enough VENTILATORS….. this will turn out to be the most crucial thing for our death rate and saving lives. And, as Natalie says, no funerals.

Tom Lane

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