With Donald Trump attempting to pull the balaclavas over the bible belt cave dwellers and everyone else who is bordering on insanity the Iranian’s are voicing a different opinion.

The US want their fossil fuels and people are superfluous. Trump is a patsy and no matter what shenanigans goes on at the White House to cover this up it does not change the fact that he is someone who owed a lot of favours to the creeps in the shadows. His Presidency is about creating chaos in which neo liberal values can fill the resulting void. The Republican’s vote was going down the toilet and they needed a con man who created the illusion that he was taking on the establishment.

This illusion has even taken in those who should know better.

And now Iran is yet another state to kick around and look tough to enable an end that the US public and many others around the globe will believe is a victory when it fact it is anything but. For them.

This Iranian man has got there much quicker than many.

Penny Lane

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