Well known brands are distancing themselves from the Spectator after Stop Funding Hate supporters spoke out against a particularly discriminatory article.

  • The National Theatre and Laithwaite’s wine have said they have no further plans to advertise in the paper.
  • The CEO of Waterstones told a customer that an advert bearing their logo was placed by a publisher – and that the company “have never advertised in the Spectator in the 7 years I have been in charge at Waterstones, nor have any intention to do so”.
  • Vodafone, Travelodge, Naked Wines and Averys Wine Merchants have all distanced themselves from the article and said they’re reviewing their advertising.

The article in question suggested it should be made more difficult for Muslims to vote. This is appalling – especially at a time when hate crime is rising. A spokesperson from the Muslim Council of Britain accused the Spectator of publishing “anti-Muslim propaganda” and said: “The publishers and editors cannot be given a free pass. They must be held to account.”* And that’s exactly what we’re doing. By encouraging companies to pull their ads, together we’re telling papers like the Spectator that we do not accept hate in our media.

Stop Funding Hate works. When enough of us speak out, companies listen. Now we’re teaching these tactics to other groups around the country. Can you help us do it? Please donate to our Crowdfunder and help build the fightback.

Rosey, Richard, Alex and everyone at Stop Funding Hate

If you’ve already donated, thank you! Please share the campaign with friends and family.


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