Before one watches the short clip below, we should remind ourselves of what characteristics we cat people supposedly have.

  1. Independence: Cat people are often seen as independent individuals. This may be reflected in their choice of a pet, as cats are generally more independent animals compared to dogs.
  2. Introversion: Cat enthusiasts might lean towards introversion. Cats are known for being more low-maintenance and less socially demanding, which may appeal to individuals who appreciate quiet time and solitude.
  3. Adaptability: Cat people may be more adaptable and understanding of the diverse personalities that cats can exhibit. Cats can range from being playful and affectionate to more reserved and aloof, and cat owners often appreciate and adapt to these variations.
  4. Appreciation for Individuality: Cat lovers tend to appreciate the unique personalities and quirks of individual cats. Each cat is seen as having its own distinct characteristics, and this can be appealing to those who value individuality.
  5. Affectionate and Caring: Despite the stereotype of cats being aloof, cat people are often very affectionate and caring toward their feline companions. They understand and appreciate the subtle ways that cats express affection.
  6. Respect for Boundaries: Cats are known for their need for personal space, and cat owners tend to understand and respect these boundaries. This may translate to a similar approach in human relationships.
  7. Laid-back Nature: Cat people may have a more laid-back and relaxed approach to life. Cats generally do not require constant attention or rigorous exercise, which may align with a more easygoing lifestyle.
  8. Artistic and Creative: There is a stereotype that cat people are often more artistic and creative. Cats, with their mysterious and graceful movements, can be a muse for those who find inspiration in their pets.
  9. Sense of Humour: Cat people often have a good sense of humour about the quirky behaviors of cats. They may find joy in the playful antics and amusing personalities of their feline friends.

Now for this very astute short video about us cat people x

Penny Lane

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