Too Often a Tory: Weymouth & Portland Borough Councillor in Sexist Jibe

“Terminally slow (and bad) service from the bone idle bitches at Costa Dorchester today, they all need a good beating.”

Facebook – the domain where people say what they don’t mean to those who they choose to see what they don’t mean. Apparently! It tends to be family, friends and those we have something in common. Strange that we are so insincere with the people closest to us Mr Chapman. Personally I think that he is sexist bigot who has no respect for people slaving away all day on low wages and belongs to a political party who has never cared for people on low wages and has to be dragged kicking and screaming in to each century. But it is the sexism and desires for violence that really sticks. “Bitches… who need a good beating”. I am not sure of his personal circumstances but he appears to infer privately (although of course he does not mean it) that women are inferior and should be controlled by being pummelled.

Domestic violence and violence against women generally is a huge problem in our so called civilised society and thus to legitimate it with such comments surely makes his position untenable? Check this out Mr Chapman – Domestic Violence. And is it alright for the leader of the Conservative group, Mike Goodman, to come out and say that

 “Councillors are only responsible for their actions when acting as a councillor or deferring to council business.” ???

Here is one of his party members making comments that reflect the make up of his party. Many people across the country would automatically associate these comments with a Tory because they are too often like Mr Chapman. This will not change while the too often hapless Mr Goodman ignores the problem.

Then we get the ‘political correctness gone wrong’ defense by the hard nosed anti empathy brigade who like their snide comments and innuendo at anyone but themselves. If it’s them then we get the threat of the solicitor’s letter and being sued. Also why did the female Liberal Democrat councillor join in and not challenge this outrageous comment? She should look a little closer to home as well it appears.

Well Mr Chapman, you and your bretheren are ignorant, arrogant liitle shits that deserve to be… Well I’ll let the readers decide. (But of course we won’t mean it).

Douglas James